Project and Human resource management

Greg KH greg at
Wed Oct 3 22:18:54 UTC 2007

On Wed, Oct 03, 2007 at 12:32:57AM +0200, Josef Assad wrote:
> On Tue, 02 Oct 2007 18:06:33 -0400
> Ben Williamson <tek_notes at> wrote:
> > Has anyone thought about getting something together to manager
> > everyone. We could maybe have different categories of coders,
> > beginner, advanced etc... and state everyones weaknesses and
> > strengths so that when a new project becomes available you know who
> > to include on the email chain.... Just thinking out loud here, main
> > reason being its hard to keep up with all the emails coming in...
> In this case, maybe a wiki page could serve as the central reference
> for who is on what and what is open where, along with status. Like this:

Nah, I really don't like that as it is much easier to check/manage email
than a wiki page.

Also, a number of companies don't like being mentioned...

> As for the traffic volume, a simple project ID tag in the subject line
> could work well.
> Subject: [PRJ003] ACME detonating USB connector

You can easily filter on the messages now, just look at the headers for
what to do.

> Incidentally, I'm on this list because I volunteered for marketing
> tasks (if any) way back in the stone age of this project, and for
> project management when Greg asked for it. If there's a dev out there
> who would like an interface to a device vendor or a bit of thinking
> about how to structure/proceed, shout something in my general direction.

Anything you can think of how to market this project better, to get a
wider audience of companies that can take advantage of it, would be
greatly appreciated.

Right now we have way more developers than projects, a very nice problem
to have, but one that I want to try to fix :)


greg k-h

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