Cirque Touchpad Driver

Miguel Ojeda maxextreme at
Wed Oct 3 16:55:20 UTC 2007

On 10/2/07, Vadim Klishko <vadim at> wrote:
> Dear Colleagues:
> Please let me introduce another driver project and also myself.
> I am a full-time software engineer at Cirque Corporation ( The company is best known for its capacitive touchpads (see We have manufactured PS/2, serial, and USB touchpads in the past, but serial touchpads have been discontinued. I don't know how many users are out there who would be interested in a Linux driver for a serial touchpad, but we have seen interest in PS/2 and especially USB Linux drivers for our touchpads.

It seems that your project fits to me. I have experience coding
drivers for a tiny LCD as a framebuffer and I have done a couple of
clean-ups. Maybe I should not be the main developer (mainly because I
do not know how much free time I will have in the next weeks), but I
would like to assist the developer you choose.


Miguel Ojeda

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