[1/5] i2c device project

Hans de Goede j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl
Tue Oct 2 06:44:24 UTC 2007

Greg KH wrote:
> Summary:  At least 3 drivers for a single manufacturer, all i2c devices
> Description:
> 	A company has a number of i2c devices for which they need drivers
> 	written.  These devices are:
> 		- low power programmable waveform generator
> 		- programmable temperature sensor
> 		- single cell li ion battery manager
> 	They are on a embedded system.
> Estimated skills needed:
> 	Experience writing i2c drivers.  Embedded development
> 	(cross-compiling, downloading system images, etc) is also a
> 	plus.  This is not a good "first driver" type project.

Sounds like a good (and fun) project for me. I've prior experience in embedded 
systems programming, including setting up cross toolchains from scratch. I also 
have prior experience writing i2c drivers, including several hwmon drivers. 
Last but not least I have a bachelor degree in electronics which might come in 
helpfull. I only have one question, what is the time frame they have in mind 
for these drivers? For me this will mostly be as time allows.



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