[3/5] USB and PCI video timestamp device project

Greg KH greg at kroah.com
Tue Oct 2 05:00:22 UTC 2007

Summary: USB and PCI driver for time-stamp device

	The company has a number of different PCI and USB video
	time-stamp devices that they need drivers written for.  To start
	out, the USB driver would be developed first, with the PCI
	drivers afterward.  The devices are very simple, however the
	userspace interface to the devices is quite complex and can use
	someone who knows how to properly design and implement these
	kinds of things well.  A "shim" userspace library might be
	needed to hide some of the device/bus specific things from
	userspace programs.

Estimated skills needed:
	USB and PCI programming.  User/kernel interface experience with
	complex interfaces (ioctls, sysfs, configfs, etc.)  Possible
	userspace library experience also needed.
	This is not a good "first driver" type project.

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