using select() on /proc filesystem entries

Alex White awhite at
Thu Nov 22 07:57:42 UTC 2007

> What specifically are you trying to do with your /proc files?

Basically, I need to issue text commands to the driver, receive text  
responses, and receive unsolicited text notifications.

I had a feeling that the use of /proc for this purpose was not  
recommended. What alternative would you recommend? Can you point me to  
some example code?

>> I'm using the debian sarge 2.4 kernel.
> 2.4?  That's _very_ old.  Please try the 2.6 kernel tree.

I'd like to, but there are a number of constraints on the project, and  
it's imperative that we continue development on 2.4 in the short term. We  
will be moving to 2.6 within the next 6 months.

Thanks for replying so quickly :)


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