using select() on /proc filesystem entries

Greg KH greg at
Thu Nov 22 07:45:52 UTC 2007

On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 04:24:33PM +0900, Alex White wrote:
> Hi,
> (I hope this is a reasonable place to ask this question. I was going to  
> post to lkml, but it didn't seem quite appropriate)

Why not?  Or kernelnewbies, that would also work.

> I've written a kernel module that provides some custom I/O between an  
> external peripheral and a linux userspace application.
> I've used the /proc interface to allow the application in userspace to  
> talk to the kernel module.

Ick, not /proc.  /proc is ONLY for process information, not driver
stuff, and never for I/O to userspace.  There are so many other ways to
properly to this (device nodes, sysfs, configfs, debugfs, custom
filesystem, etc.)

What specifically are you trying to do with your /proc files?

> I'm using the debian sarge 2.4 kernel.

2.4?  That's _very_ old.  Please try the 2.6 kernel tree.


greg k-h

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