Passmark USB loopback test plugs

Greg KH greg at
Tue Nov 20 04:31:26 UTC 2007

On Tue, Nov 20, 2007 at 08:49:24AM +0800, Peter Teoh wrote:
> I have completed the implementation for the loopback USB driver for 
> Passmark, but have not got the hardware to do the testing yet - seeking 
> help from vendor on this.
> In the meantime, just would like to seek your comments on the 
> implementation.
> Basically, I combined the usbtest.c with the usb-skeleton.c while at the 
> same time trying to follow what others like cytherm.c and cypress_xxxx.c 
> has done, as both of these are also based on the Cypress chip.
> Thank you very much for the time spent.

Your file looks like it had some email footers half way into it, care to
resend it?

Also, please run it through the scripts/ script to fix all
of the obvious coding style issues (no typedefs, line lengths, etc.) so
it's in a format that we can be able to review it properly.


greg k-h

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