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Frank Mori Hess fmhess at speakeasy.net
Thu Nov 1 02:19:34 UTC 2007

On Wednesday 31 October 2007 02:40, Tabish Mustufa wrote:
> Hello again folks:
> So it seems that there is some traction for bringing the comedi
> drivers into the mainline kernel.  I thought I'd start to put together
> a list of items we may want to tackle.  Let us know if you think these
> are good or bad ideas...

Your list seems to be a combination of 2 independent goals.  One, being 
general improvement to comedi, and the other changes specifically for 
kernel inclusion.  I suspect this is due to your belief that drivers need 
to be very mature and stable interface-wise before being worthy of 
inclusion in the main kernel tree.  Essentially, that the drivers should 
be finished with their development and be in pure maintainence mode.  
However, my impression was that the kernel developers wanted driver 
development to be done in-tree.  If I'm wrong (and I may be, I don't 
follow the LKML at all) then there is really no point in talking about 
kernel inclusion for comedi at this point.  Kernel inclusion would just be 
the last, relatively trivial step at the end of a long road.  

However, if you look at udev development, for example, it has been making 
user-space breaking changes ever since it was introduced.  Comedi's 
interface is, by comparison, set in stone.  And udev is something that is 
used by nearly everyone, and furthermore it was replacing a mature (though 
apparently flawed) solution that was already in place (devfs).  My point 
is, the rationale for forcing udev to keep a fixed interface was so much 
stronger than any rationale I can imagine for forcing comedi to keep a 
fixed interface, there is no comparison.  And yet udev was allowed to 
evolve and improve, despite being in-tree.


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